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The Quick and the Ed is a team blog published by Education Sector at American Institutes for Research. Our policy and communications teams both contribute to this blog, along with occasional guestbloggers from the education community. The Quick and the Ed offers in-depth analysis on the latest in education policy and research, with a focus on  key issues in K–12 and Higher Education. If you’re looking for a smart, fresh perspective on education that’s not tied down by predictable orthodoxies, give us a try!

The Quick and the Ed will reflect the opinions of the group of individuals who post here. Sometimes, some of us will have strong opinions on one side or the other of a particular issue. We launched this blog to create a forum for sharing those ideas. But, opinions on this blog reflect the views of the authors, not institutional positions of Education Sector. Likewise, outgoing links do not constitute any type of endorsement of other websites or organizations. Read our blog editorial policy, as well as our policies around reader comments.